New Samsung TV ads mock the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max Camera

It is not uncommon for smartphone brands to take a jab at one another from time to time. has done so in the past as well, especially against its rival Apple. Now, the company has mocked the latter’s high end iPhone 12 Pro Max‘s camera in new TV ads.

Recently, the South Korean tech giant released new TV ads in the US, and even shared these ads on their official YouTube channel as well. In these ads, the brand can be seen comparing its current high end flagship, the Galaxy S21 Ultra, with the highest offering from the Cupertino based giant, the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The former carefully chose scenarios and highlighted camera features that would embarass the iPhone.

The new punch line from was that “Your phone upgrade shouldn’t be a downgrade” and the company clearly showcased that in the ads. The first ad compares the two devices in a scene where they are capturing a cheese sandwich. Here, the Galaxy S21 Ultra retains a much higher degree of detail compared to the iPhone 12 Pro Max thanks to its higher 108 megapixel resolution sensor.

The second ad went even further to humiliate the iPhone as it was a zoom test. For those unaware, the Galaxy S21 Ultra features a 100x zoom lens on the rear camera module. This was compared to the simple 12x magnification offered by the iPhone, making it seem terrible in regards to detail. While the comparisons are strictly tailored to favor the Galaxy S21 Ultra, it does highlight the slower pace at which Apple adopts newer technology, with its current high end model still not offering any form of a dedicated zoom lens even in 2020/2021.




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