Newly Spotted Codename Hints at Another Google TV Device

A newly spotted codename is hinting that is working on a fresh Chromecast device, one that would be powered by Google TV. The codename is Boreal, discovered and linked to the exact same software used by the existing Chromecast With TV device (codename Sabrina).

At this time, it’s entirely unknown if this would be a sequel to the Chromecast With TV, a simple upgrade with more storage, or a completely new device altogether that would be sold alongside the existing Chromecast dongle.

According to 9to5, the device, whatever it may be, will launch later this year.

We wish we had more to share beyond just the codename, but that’s life sometimes. Personally, while I really like the Chromecast With TV’s software, I feel that it’s performance really keeps me loyal to the SHIELD TV. If there was a more powerful Google TV device that was sub-$99, I’d sign up immediately.


// 9to5


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