No Budget Google Pixel Phone Coming Anytime Soon

launched the Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro with style. Both phones offer many upgrades over their predecessors, ranging from the camera to the overall performance. And like the previous Pixel lineups, Google will likely announce the Pixel 8a sometime next year. However, it won't be budget-friendly.

Nanda Ramachandran, the VP of Google Mobile Business, confirmed that there are no plans to offer a low-cost Google Pixel device anytime soon. According to Ramachandran, a budget-friendly device demands too many compromises, which Google is not ready to make in its current state.

But Google Pixel 7a Was a Budget-Friendly Device, Right?

Despite being much cheaper than the Pixel 7 Pro, the Pixel 7a came with the same processor, the Tensor G2. And if you take a closer look into the lineup of other flagship brands, the budget-friendly device usually gets a hit in terms of the processor. But that wasn't really applicable to the Pixel 7a.

Pixel 7a

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In addition, we've already seen the Google Pixel 7a coming with a hiked price tag. To compare, the Pixel 6a debuted at $449, while the Pixel 7a's launch price was $499. And considering the current standards of budget-friendly flagships, there's not that much lower to go.

Pixel 8 Series

Moreover, the recently launched Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro are $100 pricier than their predecessors. This price bump translates to a possibility of price bum for the upcoming Pixel 8a. But there's a good reason for this price increase. As you may already know, the new devices are packed with AI features.

According to Ramachandran, this new AI wizardry costs about a third of Google Pixel 8. And for Pixel devices, it was never about being packed with the latest and greatest hardware. Instead, it was all about software, which Google is unwilling to cut back on.

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