No July Update for Your Google Pixel Phone Yet

It’s the first Monday of the month, which would typically mean a fresh Android update for your Pixel phone. However, being an observed holiday from the 4th of July landing on a weekend, we aren’t actually getting July’s patch today.

Google shared a note on their Pixel Update Bulletin for June’s update to note that the July update would arrive on July 7 instead. That would be this coming Wednesday, in case you don’t have a calendar handy.

A bit of a delay isn’t a huge deal, since this update should mostly be a security patch without much else. Remember, Google gave us a new Pixel Feature Drop last month and doesn’t typically follow that up with another big update. There’s a good chance that this month’s update will be minor.

If there is something to look forward to on Wednesday, it could be another Android 12 Beta build. Google was originally pushing Android 12 Developer Preview builds toward the middle of each new month on a Wednesday, but that changed in June where we got Beta 2 on June 9. Could we see a fresh Android 12 Beta? Maybe.

We’ll give you the details of it all in a couple of days. For now, enjoy the day off if you have it.


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