No PS5 Pro or Slim: PS6 And PS6 Pro More Likely To Come

Sony is likely to present the PS5 Pro as early as April 2023. The latter ought to get a more powerful chip and a more efficient cooling system. The info comes from Phonandroid with reference to its own sources.

Contrary to earlier rumors, the new version of Sony's console will have the “Pro” in its name and not “Slim.” The selling point of the PlayStation 5 Pro will be the new liquid cooling system. It's usually seen in PCs. So we can also assume that the new console may receive an improved AMD processor. In addition, liquid cooling can lead to radical design changes.

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We should also point out that for Sony, it is vital that the PlayStation 5 Pro does not overshadow the vanilla PlayStation 5. Sony wants the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 Pro to coexist harmoniously in the market for many years, just as it once did with the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro.

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No PS5 Pro Is On The Way!

However, Tom Henderson doesn't think that all the PS5 Pro/Slim rumors are true. Regarding the new version of PS5, he said that it is only the “second generation” of PS5. At the same time, he also predicted that the first-generation PS5 would be discontinued at the end of this year. What's more interesting, he has heard more news about PS6 than PS5 Pro.

He thinks Sony's goal is to reduce the number of PS5 models to cut production costs. “Pro” may have been a good business move in the past. But it no longer makes sense in the chip and component shortage situation.

By the way, before this, he revealed that the PS5 game console would undergo a major revision in mid-2023, and the new game console would come in September 2023. The latter should feature a detachable optical drive.

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