Nothing Phone (2) Video Confirms Upgrades to Glyph Interface

The highly anticipated release of Nothing Phone (2) is just around the corner. Like the previous products from Nothing, the brand and its CEO, Carl Pei, have been revealing information about the device little by little. Currently, the known details include core specs and the phone's camera performance. And while there were rumors regarding the device having the same design as the predecessor, there was no concrete info regarding it.

From a hands-on video by MKBHD, it appears that Nothing Phone (2) indeed has a similar design as the Phone (1). After all, the design theme of the predecessor is one of the company's key selling points. However, it is not an exact replica of the Phone (1). Instead, Nothing made some tweaks, which primarily revolve around the Glyph interface.

Nothing Phone (2)'s Refined Glyph Interface

Marques Brownlee, otherwise known as MKBHD, has released a new video that exclusively shows off the Nothing Phone (2). In the video, MKBHD shows some of the notable differences between the new device and the predecessor. One of them is the Glyph interface.

Nothing has slightly refined the Glyph interface to make it work smoother and better than the Phone (1). It now breaks up the lightning pattern of the previous device into more sections. That makes the effects look more fluid.

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Moreover, MKBHD notes that there is a total of 33 LEDs on the back of the Nothing Phone (2). And most of them are in the upper right section of the circular lighting design. To be exact, that specific part utilizes a total of 16 LEDs.

In comparison, the Nothing Phone (1) had 12 individual LEDs. This higher count of LEDs is basically what makes the lighting effects of the Phone (2) flow smoothly. Also, the inclusion of more LEDs makes the new device offer a variety of functions. That includes showing countdown timers, volume levels, and Uber pickup progress.

Nothing Phone (1) camera

On the note of Uber pickup progress, you will not find a similar function in all the apps. Instead, developers need to get on board with the interface if they want to include native support for the progress LEDs.

Gizchina News of the week

Glyph Composer and a Tweaked Back Design

Nothing has introduced a brand-new feature for the Nothing Phone (2). Known as Glyph Composer, it will enable users to create their own custom visualizations. That is, you can set how the lighting effects of the Glyph interface work according to your preferences.

Nothing Phone (2)

While the Glyph Composer is extremely gimmicky, it can surely give your device a unique touch. Besides that, the video shows some minor differences in the overall design. First of all, the handset appears to have a brand-new color option. As far as I can tell, the color option is light gray.

Nothing Phone (1) vs Nothing Phone (2)

But Nothing can surely name it something else. Besides that, the transparent rear case looks more rounded than the Nothing Phone (1). This will result in better grip and user comfort.

Nothing Phone (2) Launch Date

The video basically gave us a small taste of what we can expect from Nothing Phone (2). And while we know most of the hardware parts, such as the 8+ Gen 1 processor, there's only a little information about the software. But the phone is not really that far from launch. It's just only a week away.

So, you don't have to wait long to know everything about the device. And yes, even though Nothing relies heavily on the Glyph Interface and the signature Nothing design, this new device surely has great potential. If priced right, the Phone (2) could be a major competition in the Android flagship space.

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