Nothing Sends Out Android 13 Update to Phone (1)

Nothing wasn’t initially in much of a hurry to release 13 to their Nothing Phone (1), but now that the update has arrived and they’ve put a team together to properly support the device, they are looking to the future.

Today, Nothing started pushing Nothing OS 1.5 and 13 to their only phone as a 1.25GB update. It’s available right away if you happen to own the phone too, as I was able to pull it within minutes of booting the phone for the first time in weeks.

The update contains several changes, like a new Nothing Weather app, new Glyph soundpack, more color schemes with wallpapers, new collection of minimal wallpapers, themed icons, QR code shortcut, new media control design, and improved animations. On a system level, Nothing also says they improved fingerprint lock accuracy by 12%, app startup speed by 71%, and standby power consumption time by 50%.

Here’s the full Nothing OS 1.5 changelog:

On a related note, Nothing’s Carl Pei confirmed that Nothing OS is now being run by a team that used to deliver OxygenOS to phones. He believes this in-house team cares about Nothing, unlike the previous outsourced team. That could mean big things for the future of Nothing, like the upcoming premium device coming to the US later this year. Pei is so excited about the future that he’s already openly asking about 14.

If you own a Nothing Phone (1), go grab that update.


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