Nothing’s “Ear 1” Earbuds Catch a Bit of a Delay

The first product from Carl Pei’s Nothing company was supposed to be revealed this month as a pair of earbuds called “Ear 1.” With mostly silence surrounding the brand since setting that date, we were beginning to wonder if Ear 1 would arrive on time or if something had changed. As it turns out, Nothing’s first product is indeed being pushed a bit.

Pei took to Twitter today to confirm that “ear (1)” (A change in naming style!) will “come out a bit later this summer” because there are “a few things left to finalize.”

And that’s all we know, but I’m not sure it’s anything to worry about if you were interested in Nothing as a company. This is their first product. First products from companies almost never launch without hiccups. You all remember how much fun (/s) it was to buy a OnePlus One when it launched through that invite system, right?

To recap – Nothing’s ear (1) is launching this summer.


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