Nova Launcher 7 Goes Stable for All

Nova Launcher 7, the major update we’ve all been waiting for, has gone stable. After months of testing and bug squashing, the update is rolling out to all in a slow and orderly fashion via Google Play. If you weren’t aware this was happening, it’s time to hype yourself up a bit.

As for what’s inside, it’s not a short list, but a few of the big time changes include an entire visual refresh, swipe down actions on folders/icons, widget corner radius settings, weather stats in search bar, plus a lot more.

– Radial folder icon layouts
– Vertical paginated folder scrolling
– Swipe Down action on icons (Prime)
– Search bar and Tab Bar in drawer can be placed at the bottom
– More Nova search window and bar options
– Save APK popup menu action
– More

The developer behind Nova states that this will be a, “slow/staged rollout due to the amount of changes so we can make sure everything is running smoothly for everyone.”

Have fun, everyone!

Play Link

// @Nova_Launcher


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