Now Begins the OnePlus Foldable Long Tease

Earlier this week, we officially learned that is making a foldable. Today, we’re getting a very brief glimpse at what it might look like. At least, that’s what we think this is?

Technically, we can see hardly anything, but if this video is showing what we think it’s showing, it appears that the hinge system on this device is really smooth looking. In fact, we can’t see any breaks in the bend of the frame, so if we’re being honest, we have no clue what we’re looking at. Unless has found some sort of bendable metal to use? Unlikely.

Here’s a brightened version of the image above, just to make it clear that it looks like a piece of bent metal.

This could just be a tease for the idea of a foldable and not a look at the actual device itself. Based on what we’re seeing here, that seems more likely, but again, OP could be reinventing what foldables can look like and how they mechanically operate, which I suppose would be pretty sweet.

All we know is that it’s going to be a long and drawn out tease process for this device. It’s OnePlus, so that much is guaranteed.


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