Nubia All Set to Launch the Red Magic 5G at MWC 2020 with 144Hz refresh rate

Nubia is all set to announce its new gaming flagship phone at MWC 2020 called the Red Magic 5G. Aside from confirming the Red Magic 5G’s impending launch at MWC 2020, the Chinese smartphone maker has also hinted at numerous unique features including support for 80W fast charging and 144Hz display.

Nubia Red Magic 5G

The company’s President and co-founder, Mr. Ni Fei took to his personal Weibo account to share some posters. Mr. Ni Fei also touted the Red Magic 5G as the “world’s first 144Hz 5G gaming phone” in his post. Given that there is currently no other phone slated to offer a refresh rate of 144Hz, it looks like this claim is true.

It can be recalled that Nubia had already confirmed that its new phone will pack the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 SoC, which is capable of supporting a refresh rate of 144Hz at QHD+ resolution. Moreover, it is hardly surprising that the new phone supports 5G connectivity since Snapdragon X55 is the only modem compatible with the Snapdragon 865. There is a possibility that the phone comes with sub-6GHz 5G network support, though.

According to Mr. Ni Fei, the new Nubia-branded gaming phone will ship with LPDDR5 RAM, which works with Snapdragon 865’s memory controller. One of his recent revelations also suggests that the device will come with 80W wired fast charging support.

The USB-IF told AndroidPolice that the aforesaid charging rate (9.6A/8.4V) mentioned by Nubia is unsuitable for the USB Power Delivery specification, which means, Nubia has come up with its own charging solution. While such super-fast charging technology is known for gradually reducing the battery’s capacity, Mr. Ni Fei says the company solved the problem with the help of Red Magic 5G’s built-in fan that restricts the battery from overheating while it’s charging.

This not only ensures an improved battery life but also enables the battery to fast-charge for a longer duration and minimizes the charging time. There’s a chance Nubia could change its plan to attend the MWC 2020 citing the 2019-nCoV outbreak; however, more details about the Red Magic 5G are likely to surface online ahead of its scheduled launch.

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