Nubia President comments on the Red Magic 5G smartphones battery’s capabilities

Ni Fei, the President of Nubia, went on Weibo to share his thoughts on the upcoming Red Magic 5G smartphone. The senior executive took to the popular Chinese microblogging website to comment on the smartphone’s capabilities.

NubiaNi Fei, President of Nubia, shared this post on his official Weibo account (Translated)

Currently, there are plenty of smartphones that are slated to receive the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 5G SoC. However, many are skeptical about the battery life of a 5G smartphone which also features a display with a 144Hz refresh rate. Thus, Ni Fei took to the social media platform to put such worries to rest by stating that the upcoming Red Magic 5G smartphone will have an excellent battery performance.

From what we know so far, the Nubia Red Magic 5G smartphone will feature a 144Hz display and will arrive with the Snapdragon 865 SoC. Unfortunately, other finer details of the device are yet to be revealed, but previously the President had also suggested that the smartphone could possibly feature 80W fast charging capabilities. Although, further down the Weibo post, Ni Fei shared three different battery and charging rates configurations: 100W + 4000mAh, 55W + 4500mAh, 30W + 5000mAh.

NubiaNubia’s President had previously revealed specifications that imply of a smartphone with upwards of 80W fast charging

The 55W + 4500mAh configuration seems the most likely, as it one is within the range of the previous reveal from the President and a recent leak which also stated that a 55W fast charging can be expected. Unfortunately, we can not offer any concrete statements and these are just educated guesses for now. So stay tuned for more updates regarding the upcoming Red Magic 5G smartphone.

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