NVIDIA SmartThings Link is Dead Today

Back in March, Samsung SmartThings notified owners of the SmartThings Link, a dongle hub that attached to the NVIDIA SHIELD, that the product was no longer supported and would stop working on June 30. Well, it’s June 30, guys.

If you own or owned a SmartThings Link, you should have received a “Final Notice” email today to remind you that your device is no longer supported, that it has been discontinued, and should no longer be operable.

For those who missed the Link, it was a sweet little dongle introduced 3 years ago that attached to the back of NVIDIA SHIELD TV units to give you a mini SmartThings Hub in your house. You could then attach SmartThings-supported gadgets to make a smart home without needing the traditional Hub. We also loved it momentarily because it was super cheap ($15) and often on sale for an even lower price.

Anyways, you should have seen at least 6 emails related to the death of the Link, so don’t act surprised today. Or maybe you missed those and are now mad at your $15 dongle being dead. I get that, as your SmartThings attachments may no longer work, so yeah, you should probably by an actual SmartThings Hub.

Via: droid-life.com

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