OnePlus 10T Pre-Orders Now Open

It has been a month since announced the OnePlus 10T and yet it still hasn’t arrived. There were some limited drops that could land you one early, but the phone hasn’t been generally available for purchase. Starting today, we’re taking a step closer to that happening with pre-orders now open.

The 10T can be pre-ordered from Amazon, Best Buy, or OnePlus’ site from today through September 28. The 10T comes in two models, one with 8GB RAM and 128GB storage ($649) or 16GB RAM and 256GB storage ($749). During the entire pre-order time at Amazon or Best Buy, OnePlus is offering that top 16GB model for the price of the 8GB model.

While T-Mobile is the only carrier partner for the 10T, assures us that the phone will work on 4G and from AT&T and Verizon as well. They didn’t specify which 5G networks we’re talking about, but just know that 5G mmW is not of the supported bands.

Here’s our 10T review for those who missed it.

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