OnePlus 11 Will Bring At Least Three World Premieres

On the first days of the new year, will host a new product launch event. At it, the brand will release the next-gen flagship called the OnePlus 11. We guess it will be the only phone that could compete with the Mi 13. Our guesses are not groundless. This phone will come with a few world premieres.

1st innovation: bionic vibration motor

The OnePlus 11 will be the world's first smartphone to come with a bionic vibration sensor motor. It was created by OnePlus and AAC. Тhis may be the strongest X-axis motor for at present.

OnePlus 11 innovations

Тhis bionic vibrating motor is the only motor installed with a volume of more than 600mm³. Its vibration volume is much higher than that of the previous platform in all frequency bands.

OnePlus 11 innovations

At the same time, this motor adopts a new THD low-frequency enhancement algorithm. The latter can bring a better low-frequency vibration effect.

Also, this bionic vibrating motor has made breakthroughs in many aspects. Due to them, the peak value of this new motor has been improved. It can provide various vibration feedback according to the scene.

Later, OnePlus also used a picture to show the effect of this motor. Its target was . It turns out to be ahead of the iPhone 14 Pro in all aspects. As we can see in the picture, the bionic vibrating motor of the OnePlus 11 has the same start and stop time as the iPhone 14 Pro; the steady-state vibration amount/Grms is stronger.

Key specs

The “Bionic Vibration Motor” has a [big vibration] that does not miss any info; [fast start and stop] typing is crisp; [wide frequency] has both a sense of impact and a sense of breathing.

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OnePlus 11 innovations

The OnePlus 11 Bionic Vibration Motor comes with the latest Android algorithms: [Low-Frequency Enhancement Algorithm] to explore the limit of low-frequency vibration, bringing a breath-like vibration experience; [Mixed Wave Algorithm] Two vibrations can occur at the same time.

The OnePlus 11 Bionic Vibration Motor uses the latest full-phase magnetic circuit tech. With more magnetic sources in the motor, it provides a greater driving force as well as a stronger and crisper vibration.

2nd innovation: game cloud computing private network

OnePlus has also announced that the OnePlus 11 will come with “Game Cloud Computing Private Network” tech. This is the first tech to solve the game experience in a weak network. It can ensure that the number of high-latency games in a weak network is reduced by 99.43%.

OnePlus 11 innovations

3rd innovation: memory genetic recombination

This is the most thorough Android memory bottom-level recombination tech so far. It changes the work rules of Android memory. Plus, it solves the problems of low-level access efficiency and recovery efficiency.

OnePlus 11 innovations

OnePlus 11 Selling Points

Besides the above three, the OnePlus 11 will sport the second-gen Snapdragon 8 mobile platform. It will also come with a large memory of up to 16GB. By the way, its hardware will reach the ceiling in the Android camp, coming with UFS 4.0+LPDDR5X.

From TENAA, we learned that it would weigh 205 grams and come with a body size of 163.1×74.1×8.53mm. There will be a 6.7-inch 3216×1440 AMOLED screen with support for 1.07 billion colors. There will be a 16MP selfie shooter. The rear camera will include 50MP, 48MP, and 32MP sensors.

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