OnePlus 9 Series Receiving Hasselblad’s XPan Camera Mode for Panorama Shots

Popular enthusiast smartphone brand took the covers off its OnePlus 9 series earlier this year. The series, consisting of the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro offer flagship-grade hardware with the famous OxygenOS to take on the likes of and Google.

In order to make improvements in the camera side of things, announced its partnership with camera maker Hasselblad, a company known around the world for its optics.

When the 9 series was launched, OnePlus said that it would continue to work with the camera maker in order to improve the camera performance of its flagships in the coming months.

What Does this New XPan Mode Offer?

That time is here now, since, a couple of months after launch, the 9 series is now getting a new camera mode, dubbed XPan Mode.

This mode, present on Hasselblad Camera for Mobile seeks to replicate the work done by Hasselblad’s famous XPan camera, capable of taking the advantage of a 35mm format allows for full panorama format without needing to change the film.

The photos shot using this new mode will be in the 65:24 aspect ratio, similar to that of the original XPan camera. The 9 and 9 Pro as of now can shoot panoramic images at 30mm and 45mm lengths with a preview on offer from the OnePlus camera app’s viewfinder.

The smartphone maker has said that it has gone ahead and recreated certain unique details present on the XPan camera to let users get that experience on their smartphone.

Images shot via this new mode will be from the high-res 48MP and 50MP shooters instead of the 12MP mode, resulting in a higher-res image of 20MP. The XPan images will feature a resolution of 7552 × 2798 on 30mm and 7872 × 2916 on 45mm.

What Else is Worth Noting About this Camera Mode?

OnePlus 9

To add to all of this, two new film simulation profiles are also coming for XPan modes, one of them being a colour mode and the other being a black and white mode. The XPan mode on default opens in B&W, showcasing the classic film of XPan cameras.

In other related news, OnePlus 9RT smartphone has passed through the 3C certification website, indicating that the phone could launch soon.

The 3C certification listing of the 9RT features the model number MT2110. The purported smartphone will likely come with 65W fast charging support. Furthermore, it will also come with support for connectivity.


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