OnePlus Black Friday Deals Aim Directly at Pixel 6 Lineup

As I wrote earlier today, I’m curious to see how other Android device manufactures set their pricing following the announcement of ’s Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. Google is out here undercutting everybody with two very solid devices, and in my mind, changes may need to be made moving forward with regard to device pricing. Possibly coincidental or maybe not, OnePlus is already previewing what it intends to do for Black Friday, which is super odd timing with all of the hype currently in full swing.

announced that between November 26 and November 30, aka Black Friday thru Giving Tuesday, you’ll be able to get a 9 for $599 and the 9 Pro for $799. That’s a $130 savings on the 9 and $270 discount on the 9 Pro. Directly comparing that to the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, this sale makes the OnePlus 9 the same price as the Pixel 6 and the 9 Pro an even cheaper device at $100 under the Pixel 6 Pro’s $899 price tag.

Touché, OnePlus.

While this isn’t a forever markdown, it’s a good move by to remind folks that they still have to very capable devices, soon to be at much better pricing. It’s an intriguing deal, for sure.

Plan on taking advantage of this? We’ll let you know when these deals are live.

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