OnePlus, OPPO, vivo apply for trademark for autonomous vehicles, electric scooters in India

had teased a OnePlus Warp Car back in 2019 as part of an April Fools joke. The car had promised stuff like a trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas on just a single 20-minute charge. It was an innovative little prank back then, but a recent trademark application by the company indicates that it could soon turn into reality.

Warp Car

The Chinese company has applied for a Trademark Class 12 for the words “ life”. A Trademark Class 12 pertains to vehicles, and the images shared by notable tipster Debayan Roy show that the application by OnePlus is for driverless cars, self-balancing electric scooters, remote control vehicles, civilian drones, and even boats.

The trademark application is dated 30th March 2021 but seems to have only been spotted now. It is joined by similar applications from and vivo, indicating that BBK Electronics and all of its subsidiaries are looking to make their entry into the EV space. The trademarks seem to have been rejected at the moment but the companies will likely be trying again.

realme had actually applied for the same more recently and managed to successfully grab a trademark for “realme TechLife and TL Device.”

The newfound interest of Chinese tech giants in electric vehicles doesn’t come as a surprise though. China has seen exponential growth in the EV space within the past couple of years and everyone wants a piece of the profit. Various brands from different fields have either invested in the market or brought forward products of their own. had officially registered an electric vehicle business recently and seems to be leading the race among smartphone companies.

xiaomi himo t1
Himo T1

India might not have seen growth figures akin to China yet but its potential is just as large. Companies are obviously aware of this, hence the trademark applications.

While the likes of a Warp Car are still a distant dream, we might soon at least see e-bikes from BBK subsidiaries OnePlus, OPPO, and vivo. has already launched models of its own and its competitors were bound to follow.




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