Oppo bringing its online store to the Indian market on May 7

is currently working on its upcoming launch event where the brand will showcase its Oppo K9 smartphone. For those who’re unaware, the event will take place on May 6 in its homeland i.e. China. Well, it looks like the Indian division of the smartphone maker also has a new surprise up its sleeves. The Chinese smartphone maker is now planning to bring its online web store to the Indian consumer. In fact, the company is running several promotions to create hype among the consumers. Here’s everything you need to know about this new move.

India to launch its new online store on May 7

The Chinese smartphone maker has recently announced that it is opening a new store in the country. Of course, we’re looking at the online store. It’s surprising it took the company this long to create a web store in the country. Almost all the major competitors have their own web store through which they sell their entire portfolio.

For those who’re unaware, largely depends on the offline market to drive its sale. In fact, the company has created a strong presence over the last couple of years. For the digital customers. Oppo relied on Amazon and Flipkart to cater to its customers. Well, interested buyers will soon be able to shop directly from Oppo using their upcoming online store.

The online store will see its official launch on May 7 which is a day after the launch Chinese launch of the K9. It’s worth noting that Oppo already sells some of its devices through its already existing store page on its official website. At the time of writing this, we’re unable to access it as it keeps throwing Error 522. The new online store should be different from the existing one in various aspects. For instance, Oppo will aim to sell all its smartphones, accessories, and more through the new online store.

Spin wheel to win, one buck flash sales, lucky draws, and more!

In order to build the hype surrounding its new online store launch, is hosting a bunch of promotions. Everyone can earn an INR 300 coupon for participating in the event. The company is also hosting a lucky draw event with exciting prizes. We’re looking at Reno 5 Pro as the first prize, Oppo A series for the second prize, and Oppo smart bands as the third prize. The winners will be announced a day before the store opening.

Apart from this, the company will host INR 1 flash sales, instant bank discounts with no-cost EMIs, spin the wheel to win Reno 5 Pro, premium mystery boxes, and great discounts.

Via: gizchina.com

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