OPPO Enco Wireless Earbuds could launch in India alongside the Reno3 Pro

When OPPO announced the Reno3 Pro smartphone in China, it also unveiled a true wireless earbud dubbed OPPO Enco Free earbuds. The Chinese company has already confirmed that the Reno3 Pro will be launched in India but a date has not been fixed. A new tip has also emerged that the Enco TWS earbud will also be unveiled on that day. Tipster Mukul Sharma @stufflistings made this known on his Twitter page. OPPO Enco Free white

The OPPO Enco wireless earbuds are similar in design and form factor to the Apple AirPods but with some few differences.  The charging case has an OPPO-branded strip on the front carved with radium which differentiates it from the AirPods. This strip also features an LED status indicator for the charging case and the case itself is charged via a USB Type-C charging cable. The earbud weighs just 4.6g and also feature the iconic grey strip at the rear of its body just like is found on the case.

In terms of functionality, the Enco Free earbuds come with a noise reduction microphone which will allow for a better audio experience for users. The earbud also utilizes ultra-dynamic speakers making it the first true wireless earphones to use such. These speakers are equipped with dual magnetic circuit design and an FPC arm balance system that allows for a superior sound quality output. Notably, the earbuds can be used up to 25 hours in total if used alongside its charging case.

Further, the buds are equipped with “Bluetooth low-latency dual-pass” technology. In other words, both individual earbuds connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth simultaneously. OPPO says this enables the wearables to achieve better audio-visual synchronization effect and reduce the latency by 76 percent during gaming in comparison to traditional Bluetooth earphones. It also comes with intuitive touch control.

The earbuds are way cheaper than the Airpods as it costs just 699 Yuan or roughly 100 US Dollars. The price in India won’t be too different from this one.


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