OPPO show a smartphone with a retractable camera

Yesterday, held an event to show its innovations and its own developments. So, it showed its proprietary NPU to improve the quality of images, as well as smart glasses Air Glass. Among other things, the company is showcased a retractable camera technology that is installed on the back.

show a smartphone with a retractable camera

It is interesting that at the moment the company does not comment on the new development in any way and does not devote to its technical details. Perhaps the turn to the new technology will come today, when they promise to present the folding smartphone Find N. However, at the conference demonstration stands, a smartphone with a telescopic sensor is available. A video appeared on the network, which shows the process of activating the camera through the camera application.

There are no technical details about the camera. It is only known that this is a 50 megapixel telephoto lens with a size of 1 / 1.56 inches and an aperture of f / 2.4. When such technology finds its commercial implementation, there is no information. But it is unlikely that its appearance is the prospect of the coming days. Right now this is only a demo version and needs some work.

unveils first proprietary neural processor

Yesterday, at INNO DAY 2021, officially unveiled its first neural processor, the MariSilicon X. The 6nm chip features a tiered memory architecture and boasts an advanced imaging engine. The MariSilicon X is capable of handling 4K night video footage. The new chip will debut in the first quarter of 2022 in the Find X series smartphones.

The MariSilicon X neural processor is capable of processing 18 Trillion Operations Per Second (TOPS). In comparison, the neural module of the A15 Bionic platform, which the iPhone 13 is based on, is capable of delivering 15.8 TOPS. So, the new will clearly provide a very high level of performance when working with artificial intelligence algorithms. At the same time, MariSilicon X demonstrates a high energy efficiency of 11.6 TOPS / Watt.

The smartphone is equipped with an innovative memory subsystem, which, according to Oppo, allows the chip to make full use of its processing power without limiting the amount of memory. MariSilicon X has a dedicated memory module with a bandwidth of up to 8.5 GB / s.

When it comes to imaging, the MariSilicon X delivers up to 20x the performance of the current flagship Find X3 Pro. The new chip allows you to shoot 4K video at night, using the power of artificial intelligence and improving every frame in real time. In addition, the powerful image processor can capture images with a 20-bit dynamic range of 120dB, four times that of the Find X3 Pro. This achieves a contrast ratio of 1,000,000: 1. MariSilicon X is able to apply all of these capabilities to RAW images at the pixel level.

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