Order Galaxy S22, Get Up to $100 of Google Play Credit

It is officially launch day for the Galaxy S22 lineup. Hooray! If our reviews of the Galaxy S22 (review) and Galaxy S22 Ultra (review) swayed you into picking one up, continues to offer a fantastic trade-in promotion for those looking to order, plus an extra goodie if you enjoy spending money on Play.

Currently, if you order a Galaxy S22 or Galaxy S22+, will give you $50 of Play credit to spend on whatever you want. That’s in addition to up to $700 of trade-in credit. If you order an S22 Ultra, Samsung will give you $100 of Play credit and up to $850 of trade-in credit. Keep in mind, that’s just for an Unlocked variant.

Carrier variants have their own special offers. For example, if you order a Verizon model and have enough trade-in devices (two is the max), you can get up to $1000 of trade-in credit. Not too shabby.

It’s never a bad time to order ’s latest and greatest.

Order Galaxy S22 or S22 Ultra

Via: droid-life.com

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