Ordering a Pixel 6 is a Mess and People are Justifiably Upset

Poor, Google. They may have a winner on their hands with the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, but in true device launch fashion, the Google Store can’t keep up with demand.

As I’ve been a victim of this chaos myself, I can confirm that the Store site crashed at 10:01am Pacific one minute after pre-orders went live. It would pop up sporadically with brief periods of time where people could add the phone to their cart, but for the most part, the site has been unusable with no one able to place orders.

Because of all of this, many Pixel 6 hopefuls are having orders canceled, phones removed from carts due to availability, and plenty of other issues. Naturally, Twitter has been a good place to find a few disgruntled people.

While works to fix its website, we wanted to take this time to share a bit of the frustration people are going through. If you’re one of them, do know that you are not alone and even us at Droid Life are going through the same thing. This is supposed to be a fun day, Google, not a frustrating one.

Some of our best videos.

Via: droid-life.com

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