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This week started with an inbox full of junk for many Outlook users across the world. Yes, if you got surprised to see a lot of spam in your inbox, this is not an isolated case. Apparently, Outlook Spam filters are not working at all. There are multiple reports coming from users from various regions. Apparently, developers will have a hard task of fixing the issue.

No matter if you’re using Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, or PC. There is a high volume of spam in the inbox. As per The Verge, there has been an issue with the spam filter for some weeks now. However, today is the day when the reports are popping out with full force. Perhaps, it was working for some users before, and now we have a total failure.

“Many Outlook users in Europe have spotted the same thing, and some headed to Twitter to complain. Most of the messages that are making it into Outlook users’ inboxes are very clearly spam. Today’s issues are particularly bad, after weeks of the Outlook spam filter progressively deteriorating for me personally.” – The Verge

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Curiously, the issues with Outlook are not only related to spam filtering. The email client also offers a Focused Inbox feature. It tries to detect important e-mails, like the ones that come from known contacts, and place them into a Focused tab. The other emails are stored in a regular “Other” tab. Apparently, the Focused Inbox feature is not working as well for a good portion of users.

Right now, there is no workaround to bring back spam filtering. Apparently, this is a server-side issue. Considering the number of reports, probably is aware of the issue and a fix may roll out in the coming days. For now, the best thing to do is to turn off Outlook notifications. Otherwise, you’ll keep being alerted by a number of spam.

Perhaps, developers are too busy with ChatGPT’s Bing and left this bug to escape through their hands.

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