Phantom Blade Zero: The Next Big Thing for Action Game Fans?

Phantom Blade Zero, the much-awaited Chinese action game, made waves at the last PlayStation event with its stunning teaser. Developed by S-GAME, the game featured furious gameplay, fearsome enemies, and a hypnotic atmosphere that left the audience wanting more.

Phantom Blade Zero

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In a recent Q&A session, S-GAME shed light on various facets of Phantom Blade Zero, revealing some facts about the new semi-open world game. The creators revealed that the game’s main storyline would take between 30 and 40 hours to complete, making it slightly shorter than Elden Ring’s main story. But S-GAME claims that players will get some side missions and a wealth of endgame material. The update will have multiplayer dungeons and roguelike missions that enhance the game’s depth and replay value.

S-GAME has addressed concerns that arose after releasing the thrilling video. They clarified that the combat shown was captured in the game engine, but with more cinematic angles than what will be available in the final version. Players can expect improved stability and a wider field of view when Phantom Blade Zero launches, reducing dizziness and motion sickness.

Will Phantom Blade Zero succeed?

The studio began working on the game in 2017. But it reached the final stage in 2022. At that time, only three were working on it. While the team has certainly grown since then, no specific release date has been set.

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While the prospects for Phantom Blade Zero are ideal, there is a word of caution. Some Chinese titles, such as Lost Soul Aside and Black Myth: Wukong, have made strong first impressions but struggled to gain traction. Some gamers have doubts, despite S-GAME’s lofty claims. Fans, however, think Phantom Blade Zero will live up to its potential. So let’s cross our fingers and hope this game will become another blockbuster. If so, it will be an excellent gift for all gamers and not only.

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