Pharmaceutical Industry Meets 3D Printing: Triastek Wins 2023 TCT Award with MED® 3D Printing Technology

Triastek Inc., a healthcare leader with a global footprint, recently achieved a significant milestone by clinching the 2023 TCT Healthcare Application Award. This is the first time that a pharmaceutical company has been honored with this award. Spotlighting Triastek’s innovative strides in the industry with its proprietary 3D printing technology, Melt Extrusion Deposition (MED®).

The award ceremony, attended by more than 200 industry professionals, took place in Birmingham, UK. Among 140 global entries, Triastek’s MED® 3D printing technology stood out, demonstrating its potential to significantly alter the healthcare landscape.

The annual TCT Awards celebrate outstanding innovations and applications of 3D printing and Additive Manufacturing technologies globally. It gives recognition to pioneers whose revolutionary ideas are fueling the advancement of Additive Manufacturing. The awards also acknowledge the impressive applications of these technologies in various sectors, from aerospace to healthcare.

Big future potential

The European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer, in its May/June issue, highlighted the potential of Triastek’s technology, stating, “The implications of Triastek’s technology, laced with the company’s ambitious vision, could potentially bring to light a technological shift that has been promised for a number of years. This shift promises not just enhancements to production efficiency, but also provides fresh solutions to complex drug delivery conundrums.”

One of the panelists on the TCT Awards’ judging committee noted. “It is great to see this concept coming to fruition as it has been talked about for many years. The productivity of this process along with the use of FDA-approved materials is very impressive.”

Founder and CEO of Triastek, Dr. Senping Cheng, voiced her pride at the recognition, reiterating the company’s commitment to continuing its trailblazing efforts. She stated, “We are proud to be recognized among some of the most prominent companies with innovative 3D printing solutions for our Melt Extrusion Deposition (MED®) 3D printing technology, which we believe has the potential to transform the pharmaceutical industry. We thank TCT for honoring Triastek with this prestigious award. Our commitment to innovative endeavors remains steadfast as we strive to advance the industry towards digital product development and intelligent manufacturing.”

Gizchina News of the week

3D Printing in Pharmaceuticals

3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, forms objects layer-by-layer from a digital model. This technology offers new design and production strategies for industries like aerospace, construction, and healthcare. In the pharmaceutical sector, 3D printing could transform drug design, delivery and production. It allows for precise internal structure design and control over drug release, enhancing development success. Manufacturing becomes simpler with cost-effective, one-step molding and continuous production. For delivery, 3D printing enables personalized medication, thus customizing doses or drug combinations for each patient, thereby improving safety and adherence.

About Triastek, Inc.

As a global healthcare company, Triastek, Inc., is leading the way in developing medicines with its proprietary, therefore pioneering 3D printing technology.  The US FDA has approved clinical trials (IND) for three of Triastek’s independently developed products: T19, T20, and T21. These products, developed for rheumatoid arthritis, clotting disorders, and potential ulcerative colitis treatment, respectively, represent Triastek’s commitment to leveraging 3D printing technology to develop treatment solutions. Triastek has raised over $100 million across six funding rounds.

About Melt Extrusion Deposition (MED®)

MED® 3D printing is an end-to-end technology that transforms powder feedstocks into softened or molten states. Followed by accurate layer-by-layer deposition to create objects with well-designed geometric structures. This innovation facilitates controlled, precise release of treatments, thus enabling more targeted and efficacious drug delivery. MED® technology is unlocking new avenues for the design and development of new chemical entities (NCE). Addressing unmet medical and clinical needs.

About TCT Group

Backed by Rapid News Publications Ltd, the TCT Group has certainly been at the forefront of additive manufacturing, 3D printing, design, and engineering technology for three decades. By fostering a 360-degree understanding of the potential of additive manufacturing and 3D printing technology, TCT Group is assisting designers, engineers, and buyers in evaluating, adopting, and optimizing their additive requirements across Europe, North America, and Asia.


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