Philo Streaming TV Adds Chromecast Support

Philo, the streaming service that remains at $20/mo and has yet to piss everyone off with price hikes, added one of their most requested features today. Chromecast support has come to Philo.

That’s the news. Chromecast support is on Philo, so you can Cast content from the Philo app on your phone to screens that have a Chromecast attached or supported Cast functionality. You love to see it.

Curious about Philo? Again, it’s $20/mo and has 61 channels. To remain that cheap, you won’t find ESPN or Turner, but you will find Viacom and Discovery line-ups. That gets you MTV, BET, VH1, Comedy Central, CMT, Food, Travel, HGTV, and Discovery. You’ll also get AMC, Paramount, History, and others.

If you want cheap streaming TV without the sports, Philo actually has a pretty solid line-up.

Play Link: Philo | Sign-up for Philo

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