Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro Specs: An Early Official List

Google is going to save a lot of the details of its Pixel 6 line until they get closer to launch in a few months, but with today’s early tease, we’re able to start putting together a small, confirmed specs list. We know display sizes and refresh rates for the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, what to expect for battery life, the camera make-up, and of course, the new processor.

Again, the fine details and full list of Pixel 6 specs aren’t here today, but we do know the following from Google. The Pixel 6 line will run the Tensor chip, Google’s first custom-made SoC for phones. The camera setup includes wide and ultra-wide lenses on both phones, plus the Pixel 6 Pro will get a third 4x zoom lens.

Thanks to additional information provided to The Verge and Gizmodo, we’ve also learned that the Pixel 6 will feature a flat 6.4″+ full HD display (1080p) with 90Hz refresh rate, while the Pixel 6 Pro will have a slightly curved 6.7″ QHD display with 120Hz refresh rate. Battery life is expected to last “all day” and you’ll unlock using an in-display fingerprint reader. This is a first for Google. The Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are expected to differ in memory (RAM) as well, though we aren’t sure the same can be said about storage.

What we don’t know is battery capacity, the charging speed and technology situation, RAM and storage configurations, the detailed make-up of the cameras, speaker setup, and size and weight. As we learn those officially, we’ll be sure to update this post.

  Pixel 6 Pixel 6 Pro
OS 12 12
Processor Tensor
Titan M2
Titan M2
Display 6.4″ Flat FHD OLED
6.7″ Curved QHD OLED
Camera Rear: wide, ultra-wide Rear: wide, ultra-wide, 4x zoom
Battery “All day” “All day”
Other In-display fingerprint In-display fingerprint

Via: droid-life.com

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