Pixel 6 Owners Now Complain of Wi-Fi Issues With February 2022 Security Patch


Last week, Pixel 6 owners had a hard time using Magic Eraser on Photos. Now, the February 2022 security patch appears to have set off Wi-Fi connectivity issues for some Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro users. Here’s a closer look at the problem.

The Pixel 6 got off to a shaky start on the software front, hamstrung by delayed security updates and broken features. Just last week, several Pixel 6 users could not remove unwanted elements from their images using the Magic Eraser tool in Photos. The search giant has since fixed the issue, but now another one appears to have reared its ugly head.

Pixel 6 users took to Reddit and Twitter to complain that the February 2022 security patch has been giving them issues with Wi-Fi connectivity. Most reports concur that the Wi-Fi automatically switches off every few minutes or when the device is set to sleep. Additionally, enabling Wi-Fi sometimes causes Bluetooth to turn off, and eventually, Wi-Fi also switches itself off. Moreover, the phone refuses to connect to saved Wi-Fi networks automatically.

@madebygoogle After reboot, if I switch WiFi on, Bluetooth goes off. When Bluetooth is on, WiFi goes off. This is a brand new Pixel 6 Pro.

Support instructed some users to factory reset their Pixel 6 as a remedial measure. While most users are pegging the issue on the February 2022 security patch, it could be because of Google’s rough history with recent Pixel software updates. That said, the changelog for said update only mentions Bluetooth-related fixes and nothing about the Wi-Fi.

Presently, there is no news of workarounds that fixed the issue for Pixel 6 users. So, if you haven’t installed the February 2022 security update, we suggest you hold off for a while longer until the bug is addressed. Understandably, it can be somewhat annoying to have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth randomly disconnected. is yet to acknowledge the issue and roll out a fix.

Did you face this issue? If yes, did any fix work for you? Please share them with our readers in the comments below.

Via: androidbeat.com

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