Pixel 6 Pro on Android 13 Can Run at 1080p, Could Improve Battery Life

Pixel 6 Pro on 13 Can Run at 1080p, Could Improve Battery Life

Pixel 6 Pro on 13 Can Run at 1080p, Could Improve Battery Life

BY Sanuj

Published 17 Aug 2022

An kernel developer has found a way to downscale the display resolution of the Pixel 6 Pro to 1080p on Android 13.

released 13 earlier this week. Even though the new OS doesn’t bring any major upgrades, it comes with many minor changes and features that make the whole experience much better than the previous generation Android version. Now, an Android developer has found a new hidden setting in Pixel 6 Pro running on Android 13 that allows the user to downscale the display resolution to 1080p, potentially saving battery life.

It’s not all good news, however. The tweak requires the user to install the customer Kirisakura kernel developed by Freak07. When installed, users can access the option to change the resolution through the settings menu. Here’s what the settings menu looks like when the kernel is installed:

Android 13 Pixel 6 Pro 1440p 1080p

Source: Freak07

Of course, the kernel isn’t developed by Google, so it is bound to come with some minor issues. For example, the developer says that the double tap to wake feature does not work in this release. Moreover, the smartphone revets back to 1440p resolution on reboot, requiring the user to force-change the resolution every time they restart their Pixel 6 Pro.

If curious, you can install the custom kernel mod on your device. Check out this thread that covers the required steps to install the mod on your Pixel 6 Pro. It’s important to note that installing any mod for your device entails some risk, and we don’t recommend most Pixel owners to install this on their device.

That said, multiple reports suggest that will add the same option to the Pixel 6 Pro when the Pixel 7 Pro launches later this fall. So if you want to use the feature officially, you’ll have to wait a bit.

What are your thoughts on the new Pixel 6 Pro mod? Would you run your 6 Pro at 1080p? Or do you like the default 1440p resolution? Let us know in the comments section below!

Source: Twitter | Via: 9to5

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