Pixel 6 to soon get major ‘At a Glance’ upgrade: Bluetooth device battery, fitness info, and more

has long been teasing a major upgrade to the capabilities of the At a Glance widget on 12 for the Pixel 6 series. Most expected it to go live as soon as Android 12 hit stable, but that, unfortunately, hasn’t been the case. However, a new APK teardown has revealed that the new features may finally be on the way.

9to5Google, on one of their “APK Insight” posts, gave out their findings after decompiling the latest version of the System Intelligence app. The S10 version of the app contains a slew of new strings describing an upgraded “smartspace.” FYI, smartspace is what the app calls the functionality of At a Glance.

To recall, the At a Glance widget already displays various pieces of info like Weather, Commute & Time to Leave, Alerts, Travel, and upcoming calendar events and reminders.

ASI seems to be replicating all of it and has even added more, indicating two things. Firstly, At a Glance will be getting several new features. And secondly, may be moving At a Glance to the System Intelligence app for faster updates.

The new features include ‘At a store’ that will be displaying shopping lists and Pay rewards cards when you’re in a supported store. This one first made an appearance with the Material You teaser from May but could now finally be making its way through.

Not all of these new features are coming in late though. ‘Timer & stopwatch’, for example, has been live since the 12 Beta days.

But perhaps the most useful addition is ‘Connected devices’ that will let you see the connection status and battery levels for your Bluetooth devices. Connected Nest Doorbells will go a tad further and even display a shortcut on the home screen to the live feed.

Pixel 6 Pro featured

Moreover, more apps will gain integration with At a Glance including Clock and Personal Safety. You should soon also be able to view workout stats directly from the home screen through the function.

And last but not least, At a Glance will be displaying a reminder for when the flashlight is on.

So far, 9to5 has only spotted signs of the upgrade on the Pixel 6 series, although newer ASI releases may add all of it to older Pixel phones as well. It is worth mentioning here that none of the newer aforementioned features are live yet and there’s no indication of when they’ll be rolling out.


Via: gizmochina.com

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