Pixel 7a Leak Suggests 90Hz Display and Wireless Charging Support

Pixel 7a Leak Suggests 90Hz Screen, Wireless Charging

Pixel 7a Leak Suggests 90Hz Display and Wireless Charging Support

BY Ronil

Published 14 Nov 2022

Pixel A-series phones come with a downgraded screen and camera setup and have a cheaper build material compared to premium models to make the phone more affordable. A new leak, however, suggests that the upcoming Pixel A-series smartphone, the Pixel 7a, could bring more premium features than we’d expect from a Google mid-range phone.

We first heard about the codename Lynx (L10) a while ago when developer Kuba Wojciechowski reportedly unearthed it from the 12 QPR1 Beta 1’s source code. It was initially considered a high-end ‘Pixel Ultra’ with a triple rear camera setup. However, a new leak from Wojciechowski suggests this smartphone could be Pixel 7a instead.

The developer, in a tweet, explains that they “found a reference to ‘Pixel 22 Mid-range’ (likely Pixel 7a) compared to ‘Pixel 22 Premium’ on the Pixel 7/7 Pro after investigating the phone’s camera drives.” Previously, rumors suggested that the Lynx would feature a GN1, IMX787, and IM712 lens. However, Wojciechowski says that has apparently removed the GN1, and the setup now includes an ‘l10_wide’ (IMX787) and ‘l10_UW’ (IMX712) lens.

This means the Pixel 7a will feature a dual rear camera setup: the IMX787 sensor for its primary camera and the IMX712 sensor for the ultrawide lens. The Pixel 6a also has a dual rear camera setup, but a better sensor on the Pixel 7a (IMX787 vs. Pixel 6a’s IMX363) should, at least on paper, result in better photos.

Besides this, the developer suggests that the phone will flaunt a Full-HD+ 90Hz panel, finally bringing a faster screen to the Pixel A-series. The Pixel 7a could also get support for wireless charging to A-series with 5W wireless charging support. It seems like is finally taking Pixel 6a’s feedback seriously and could fix them with the upcoming Pixel 7a.

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