Pixel ‘Superfans’ Get Pixel 6 Socks and I’m Mad About It

Can you believe it? I’ve been hard at work, spreading the word across the interwebz that people should buy the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, meanwhile doesn’t have the decency to send me a pair of freakin’ socks. Grrr! If you don’t know what I refer to, Google is sending out holiday gifts to members of its Pixel Superfans group, a group which I have tried to sign up for, but because I’m a blogger/super influencer who may be swayed to give a more favorable opinion when I receive free socks, am not allowed in the group. This some bull, y’all.

As you can see in the photos here, shared by someone who probably isn’t as much of a Pixel Superfan as I am, is sending out Pixel 6 Pro-branded socks, plus a Tensor SoC sticker. The socks give off a sweet Material You vibe, something the recipient probably doesn’t even know about.

Hopefully most of you will understand that I’m just kidding around, but if I’m being serious, I would totally rock these socks and slap that Tensor sticker on my water bottle. Both of these gifts are dope. If you received either of these items and don’t want them, let me know — I’d like to buy them from you.

Let me in, Google!

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Via: droid-life.com

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