Pixel Watch Looks Really Good on the Wrist

The Pixel Watch that was left in a restaurant and then posted across the internet over the weekend is back, baby. This time, though, we’ve got it on the wrist with watch bands attached! Prepare yourselves – this is how the Pixel Watch looks when worn.

The redditor who has the Pixel Watch in his possession now also has the watch bands for it. Because these missing pieces (the bands) have joined the party, he returned today to post pictures from a bunch of different angles. It’s looking nice now that we can see how it might look on our own wrists.

In this first set of pics, we’re only looking at on-wrist appearance. You can see how the bands fit nicely into the body, a lot like how a Fitbit band attaches. The roundness of the watch also lays quite nicely on the wrist, even though he had us initially worried that it might a tad thick. As for overall size, I’m sold. This guy had a 46mm Galaxy Watch on the wrist the other day that looked far too big (because 46mm is too big), yet this fits perfectly. This Pixel Watch must be 44mm and under.

Google Pixel Watch

Google Pixel Watch

As for the redditor’s opinion on the watch now that he’s had it on the wrist, he said that it is “the most comfortable watch I’ve ever worn” and that it “feels much thinner than the measurements would lead you to believe.” Here’s the rest of his impressions and they are quite positive, do be warned:

Compared to my Galaxy Watch this feels like it’s not even there. And, big plus, the crown does NOT poke into the back of my hand when bending my wrist back or typing, which is something that drives me nuts on other watches. The band is a soft silicone with good flex and doesn’t seem to show fingerprints/oil too badly which is great. Now that it’s all together I can say in my opinion this is without a doubt a gorgeous and comfortable watch which I’d have no problem wearing for long periods of time and even at night for sleep tracking. Well done Google, well done! (please don’t sue me)

Finally, here are a couple of additional pictures of the watch sitting on a table with the band attached. There isn’t much to take from these other than it completes the look we were missing from the other day’s photoshoot. The bands supposedly measure in at 20mm.

Guys, what we thinking now?

Google Pixel Watch

Google Pixel Watch

Via: droid-life.com

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