Playpulse One Smart Exercise Bike lets you play games while working out

Norwegian startup Playpulse has launched its smart spin bike today and will be on sale immediately, although the first units are scheduled for delivery in the fourth quarter of 2021. There is a discounted price of $1,199 when the device is pre-ordered now, but it will revert to its actual price of $1,999 when it arrives around the year’s end.

The Playpulse One smart exercise bike is a connected exercise gadget that can also serve as a streaming platform for movies and even as a gaming device via its 24-inch touchscreen display. It provides a subscription service for gym classes and a few features to spice users’ exercise experience.

However, the TV watching can be tied to a particular fitness goal during exercise such that the screen goes dark whenever the user is not keeping pace with the specified exercise regimen. A few games can be played on the Playpulse smart exercise bike, with pedaling effort the primary tool. Some of the games available at launch are street racing and bumper car, while other games would debut subsequently. The user can set more demanding fitness goals, and the TV watching would be adjusted to match the user’s pace.

The bike is designed to provide a more vertical seating position, obviously to help the rider continue watching the Netflix flick or play a game while cycling. The split handlebars feature a thumbstick on the left, with four buttons on the right and hand grip-mounted heart-rate sensors to provide vital fitness data while exercising.Playpulse One smart exercise bike

The smart exercise bike has a subscription service of $19.99 a month after a six-month free period, where you get to be served with exercise classes and instructions for specific fitness goals.  




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