Pressing Matters: Unveiling the Magic of the HTVRONT Auto Heat Press

Ever wanted to unleash your creative spirit in the home setting ? Then you live in the right age, becase supportive gadgets for such dream are more accessible and affordable than ever. Machines like 3D printers and laser engravers are everywhere nowadays and for very good prices. But how about some other interesting gadgets ? Lets say how about a heat press ? Let us introduce to you then the new HTVRONT Auto Heat Press model. And maybe your creative mind will start getting some good vibes.

Heat press as a machine is designed to be used for bonding design materials like vinyl to the target product. So in short you can easily design the style of your t-shirts, hats, shopping bags and much more. And the new HTVRONT Auto Heat Press is making it even easier, featuring the industry-first advanced pressure transducer. So it can automatically adjust the optimal pressure on item up to 1″ thick and then release it automatically after pressing. Super convenient for any user, because it eliminates guesswork and saves energy.

HTVRONT Auto Heat Press

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Fast heating on a big plate

With big 15″x15″ plate for working you can really unleash your creativity as well. The machine can also deliver fast and even heating , reaching the maximum 210℃ in just 6 minutes. But you would mostly use the usual 160°C anyway and that is in just 4 minutes. Uniform heating during the process is guranteed thanks to the NTC thermistor technology and dual-zone heating engine. With the pullout drawer design you hands are never in danger as well and there like several other safety layers to protect the user. Like the auto-off feature, exclusive H-Cooling tech and much more.

HTVRONT Auto Heat Press is quite easy to control as well. It requires no assembly or difficult press-to-lock operation and you do it all with just pressing a single button. The intelligent machine will take care of the rest, all you need is to choose from various modes – 4 fast modes, 2 customer-defines modes and an auto mode. High-tech resin display screen is yet another cherry on top and will add to the appeal of easy handling of the machine. What’s not to like ?

And you can currently even get the the HTVRONT Auto Heat Press with a very nice limited deal. On the official website they have it with 15% off, so final price being just $251.99. You can choose from light blue or white color models, so check it out.


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