Professional book scanner CZUR ET24 Pro is a small marvel

Nothing can be compared to the feeling of a real book in hand and the pure enjoyment of turning the pages. But the modern day and age calls more and more for digitizing the content and e-books are a godsend for voracious readers as well. But to actually create a good looking digitized version of a book or a document is no small feat. Luckily you can nowadays turn to experts even in a home setting. With the help of for example CZUR ET24 Pro you can do that on a professional level yourself.

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CZUR ET24 Pro is really a small marvel and you can digitize books and documents with astonishing ease. Equipped with 24MP high-speed camera 1/2.3″ Sony CMOS sensor it can deliver crystal clear 320 DPI results. You can scan up to A3 size so your every document need is covered. Thanks to the special SIDELIGHT LED (in addition to the two overhead LEDs) there will be no reflections and shadows either. And the adjustable 4 levels of brightness will certainly help too. Thanks to the wireless connection you can send the digitized creation to your phone right away as well. And it’s compatible with Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Another massive benefit is the speed. Becase you can scan as fast as 1.5s per page. CZUR ET24 Pro also features some cutting edge technologies on top of everything. Like the patented Curve Flattening Technology to detect the 3D shape of the book . And many more, like Automatic cropping and Deskewing, Combining front and Back sides or Background purification . It also comes with all-in-ine OCR ABBYY software, so you can create wide of documents to your liking. From DOC, XLS to searchable PDF and in no more than 180 recognized languages. With the HDMI port it can also double as a visual presenter. CZUR All-in-one app is the proverbial cherry on top for easy controls too.

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CZUR ET24 Pro is really a small marvel for all the purposes of digitizing content. You can find it on their official website currently for $619 with shipping to more than 220 countries around the globe. So go check it out and grab your piece right away.


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