PS4 Releases Firmware Update 10.70 To Improve System Performance

Hot on the heels of a recent update for the PS5, Sony has released the latest PS4 firmware update, version 10.70. As is usual with such modest upgrades, the improvements focus on security patches and any vulnerabilities that have been brought to Sony’s attention. The company strongly urges users to join its bug bounty program, and those who report exploits correctly will receive rewards.

The update ought to make the system faster, as we can read in the official patch notes. But the company might be making other hidden improvements internally. Previous updates have surprised users with fixes that no one had been aware of before. For instance, it brought access to certified apps on PS4. But we have no info that this update brings extra features.

PS4 Firmware Update 10.70 Changelog

Main features in the system software update:

  • Improved system performance

The patch notes for the PS4 firmware update 10.70 highlight a significant boost in system performance. This mirrors the changes made in the latest PlayStation 5 (PS5) update, version 7.60. Sony’s minor updates typically address security flaws or exploits that are routinely reported to the company through its bug bounty program – a program that rewards those who discover these flaws.

In order to continue playing online on the PS4, gamers will need to update to the latest firmware. So if you want to keep your internet connection, ignoring this update is not an option.

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Gamers also need to remember that Sony continues to enjoy huge success with the PS4 system. It has managed to sell over 120 million units. So it’s the second best-selling console in the Sony’s history. Despite being replaced by the PS5, which is still the world’s best-selling console, the PS4 continues to enjoy strong support from both gamers and developers. Since the console’s launch more than a decade ago, games such as Street Fighter 5 and Resident Evil 4 Remake have remained popular on the system. Plus, Sony shows that the PS4 is one of those projects it still focuses on. The best proof of these words is the cross-generational titles such as God of War: Ragnarok.

PS4 problems

The most common performance issues experienced by PS4 users are related to the device becoming sluggish and laggy over time. These issues include sluggish system startup, freezing, delayed app/game loading, and poor response to controller commands. There are many possible reasons for the PS4’s slowness, including data corruption, incorrect game/app installation, full memory, a sluggish internet connection, and hardware degradation.

To address these concerns, there are some strategies for speeding up the PS4. These include power cycling the PS4 and router to clear capacitors and system cache, ensuring sufficient airflow and wiping dust from the console, checking for data corruption, and freeing up storage space. As you can see, most of the solutions can be applied by people without extensive technical knowledge, but more difficult situations may require specialist help. So we guess the latest PS4 firmware update comes to fix these issues.

Well, the launch of the PS4 firmware update 10.70 shows Sony’s commitment to maintaining the security and functionality of its popular system. Players can expect continued support and exciting experiences on this enduring gaming platform as the PS4 story continues.

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