PS5 Pro: Sony Has Made An Official Statement About The PlayStation 5 For 2023

If you do remember, Sony is fond of releasing an advanced version of its console after three years of releasing that particular console. A notable example has to do with the PlayStation 4 which the PlayStation 5 recently replaced.

After Sony launched the PlayStation 4 in November 2013, it remained the highest end console from Sony for three years. After three years, Sony released the Pro version of the PlayStation 4, which happens to be called PlayStation 4 Pro.

The PlayStation 5 Pro May Follow The November Trend PlayStation 5 Pro

The Sony PlayStation 4 was launched in exactly 15th November 2013. Whereas the PlayStation 4 Pro also launched on 10th November 2016. The current and the highest edition so far, the PlayStation 5 was also launched on the 12th of November 2020.

If you can see the trend, this is the same trend that has led to fans of the PlayStation asking questions. As to whether the PlayStation 5 will also have its pro model come 2023. This is because the year 2023 will be the 3rd anniversary for the PlayStation 5.

Well, I guess some of these questions got to Sony directly or indirectly. Even if it didn’t, Japanese magazine Famitsu had the opportunity to put this question directly to Sony.

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The magazine had the chance to sit one on one with Hideaki Nishino, who is in the position of Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) SVP. The conversation was about the second edition of the PlayStation VR or the PSVR2. And of course, what the future holds for the PlayStation platform.

SVP Nishimo’s Statement About The PlayStation 5 Pro

In his response to the future of the PlayStation, Nishino said, “By the end of fiscal 2022, cumulative sales will exceed 37 million units. And we believe that it will be a very important time for the platform as well. I hope you will look forward to next year (2023).”

As expected, Nishino did not state categorically that there will be a PlayStation 5 Pro next year. He responded that way to hint that the Platform will get an update in 2023. As we all know, the only update worth discussing is the PlayStation 5 Pro. PlayStation 5 Pro

According to sources who already confirmed the production and testing of the PlayStation 5 Pro, the new device may only come in digital version. The catch here is that the upcoming console will rather have a detachable disc drive. You can connect the disc drive to the console using a USB-C cable.

Users can order for just the console without the disc drive or do it otherwise. This has also received a lot of criticisms on social media. But to many, it also makes sense especially looking at the fact that the renders we are seeing are quite smaller as compared to the original PlayStation 5.

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