PS5 Pro To Strangle Gaming PCs Industry, As It’s Getting Similar Features

While there are blogger wars about what the next PlayStation console will be called, Sony is working on it hard. No matter what it will be called – PS5 Pro or PS6 – this product will differ from its predecessors a lot. What's worth our attention is that Sony's gaming console is turning into a gaming PC. Well, it retains the form factor we used to see. But the next-gen PS will be as powerful as current gaming computers.

PS5 Pro Highlights

The PS5 has been released for two years. The PS5 Pro has been the talk of the town for several months. And though some bloggers prove there is no PS5 Pro, this product has appeared on everyone's lips again.

According to some rumors, Sony will launch the PS5 Pro in April. This model will use an AMD chipset and add an extra cooling system to prevent the case from overheating when playing games. Due to the addition of a liquid cooling system, the appearance of the PS5 Pro will also change. We only know that it will be bigger. But there is no specific info concerning the dimensions.

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Moreover, the PS5 Pro should support 2160P resolution and provide a frame rate of 120Hz. Thus, it will allow the games to run at 8K resolution smoothly. Other than that, this gaming console will support functions such as ray tracing, rendering, and reconstruction.

Currently, the PS5 shipments have returned to normal. If nothing accidental happens, this product will remain on the shelves for several years. This is how this industry differs from others. The Japanese brand wants the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 Pro to coexist harmoniously for a few years. It has already done this with the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro.

By the way, as of November 2022, PS5 has shipped 25 million units.

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