PSA: That Google Assistant, Calendar Reminders Migration is Happening Soon

Last year, announced that Google Assistant and Google Calendar reminders were headed to a new home inside of Google Tasks via a migration. Well, that hasn’t changed, with Google providing a timeline of what users can expect.

There are three different ways this migration will happen, all based on what type of account you have: Workspace customer, Google account through work or school, and personal Google account. Below we’re highlighting the personal account scenario, as that is presumably most fitting for our readers.

If you use with a personal account:

  • You’ll see a prompt in Assistant and Calendar to move reminders created in these apps to Tasks beginning on March 6, 2023.
  • If you haven’t already migrated, Assistant and Calendar reminders will begin to automatically migrate in Q2. We’ll share more information on this timeline in a future update on the Workspace Updates blog.

As explains, once migration is complete, users will be able to view and manage all to-dos in one place: Tasks. Detailed in a blog on the subject, “You’ll be able to leverage features in Tasks such as organizing to-dos with multiple lists and adding descriptions for extra organization. Tasks can be accessed on the web in Workspace apps like Gmail, Calendar, Docs and Chat, making it easy to create tasks without the need to switch tabs or apps. If you use Assistant, you’ll also be able to create Tasks directly from Assistant.”

March 6. Mark your calendars.



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