PSA: You’ll Need to Grant Every App Notification Permissions on Android 13 Beta

We have the brand new 13 Beta 1 build booted up on our Pixel 6 Pro, and so far, it’s nice and smooth. However, as soon as we dove into an app, we were asked to grant that app permission to send us notifications. Ok, no problem. Then we opened a different app. Again, we had to grant it permission to send notifications. And then again, and again, and again.

We can confirm, for anyone who flashes the 13 Beta 1, you’ll need to grant every app you open the ability to send you notifications. That is, unless you don’t want that app to send you anything at all. This is all part of ’s new stance on app permissions which we actually appreciate quite a bit, but good lord, this seems a bit excessive.

Ready your tapping finger when opening those apps, people.


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