PUBG Mobile 1.5 Update brings Tesla Model Y, Cybertruck and more

Krafton and Tencent Games have collaborated with Tesla to bring the latter’s recognizable vehicles to the popular looter shooter title, PUBG Mobile. Now, players can expect to see models like the Model Y and even the Cybertruck in game.

The new cars arrive with the new 1.5 update, which is a major roll out that brings various changes in the Erangel map as well. Talking about the collaboration, PUBG Mobile X Tesla has also brought the American electric vehicle maker’s Gigafactory, which the players can explore. In this factory, one can assemble the Model Y model that is a self driving car along with other vehicles like the Cybertruck by activating certain switches.

These cars will then proceed to drive around the map and will drop supply crates when damaged by any players that encounter them. Although, the game does not allow any player to drive these new vehicles, unfortunately. Furthermore, the update also bring various changes to the original Erangel map as well, with overhauls to the buildings alongside new equipment like the futuristic anti gravity bike.

While these changes in the update are available for the mobile port of the popular battle royale game, its PC variant is likely to not receive a similar update considering its gameplay is based around more realistic mechanics. However, the new PUBG Mobile update is a great platform for Tesla to advertise its vehicles since the game is one of the most popular mobile games in the market as of right now.




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