PUBG Mobile developer reportedly working on a new Sci-Fi game codenamed Vertical

The people behind PUBG Mobile might be working on another new title. Recently, the developers and creators, Krafton, had announced PUBG: New State, and now, a leak suggests that another project could be in the works as well.

According to a TechRadar report, the new project is reportedly working on a sci fi shooter game, although, unlike New State, the IP is not a part of the battle royale genre. At the moment, the game is still under development and it will apparently take at least up to two to even three more years to be completed. The tipster, PlayerIGN, shared screenshots on his Twitter account that revealed key job openings created within the company to work on the project, which is in its nascent stages.

PlayerIGN believes that the game could possibly be the sequel to PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds, and would simply be PUBG 2. However, unlike the original massively popular battle royale title, its sequel might not be a battle royale title in the franchise. Furthermore, the tipster also leaked some interesting details regarding the game as well. This includes its game engine, which is reportedly the Unreal Engine 4.

Currently, the company has opened up 14 new job listings for developer positions in the game. This includes Background Concept Artist, Video Editing Artist, Character Concept Artist, Lighting Artist, etc. Similarly, there are also openings in the development and technical teams as well. The upcoming title might just be a single player focused or campaign centric launch within the battlegrounds series, but that is just speculation, so take it with a pinch of salt and stay tuned for more updates.




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