Razer Steam Deck-Like Console Might Be on the Horizon

The Razer Edge hit the handheld market pretty recently. And ever since the release of the handheld device, reviewers started to compare it with the glorious Steam Deck. Even though the Edge is entirely in a different spectrum regarding hardware, it does reside in the handheld gaming device category.

Not to mention that the price point of Edge and Steam Deck is pretty similar. So, it is not really the wrong thing to do by putting the devices against each other. But the Edge seems to be one of the first handhelds from Razer. Yes, the team is currently considering offering something that will be a Steam Deck competitor.

Edge Is Just One of the First Razer Mobile Devices

Razer currently makes a wide range of devices. And with the Edge, it just tapped into the handheld gaming device market. So, it seems pretty natural for the team to target the fierce handheld gaming device users. In fact, the team does plan on doing so.

In an interview with Dexerto, Kevin MacLeod from Razer stated:

I don’t think you’re gonna see Razer walk away from mobile gaming. I think you’re gonna see a lot of exciting things in the mobile space from Razer in the future. Whether those are handhelds or controllers or anything else.

So, there’s no doubt that Razer will continue to develop mobile products. But because Edge has positioned itself in handheld cloud territory, there remains a question on whether it will release a Steam Deck-like console in the future.

Razer Edge 5G

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Well, Dexerto posed a question regarding it to the product developers of Razer. McLeod responded:

Anything’s possible, but right now, this [the Razer Edge] is what we’re focusing on, and we are very proud of Razer Edge in its current form.

In short, there is a high possibility that the team will work on a Steam Deck competitor. And considering the fact there are already smaller manufacturers, such as Ayaneo, making the jump, it makes no sense for Razer not to.


And it is not like Razer is not already working with PC hardware. The team is constantly releasing high-end laptops with top-of-the-line graphics cards. So, if it brings out a Steam Deck competitor, it will surely be a worthy one.

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