Realistic or Detailed? Which AI Art Generator Should You Use – Bing Image Creator or Dall-E 2?

Have you ever imagined a day in the future when you could easily bring any visual idea to life by typing a single syllable into your device? But heed this warning: while the idea of using artificial intelligence (AI) might get you excited, actually using it might leave you wanting more. A wide range of generative AI tools are available for creating textual and aesthetic works, but their quality is variable. When saying this, we mean Bing Image Creator and Dall-E 2. Typically, AI-generated photographs can be identified by their abundance of distorted features or lack of realistic detail. So how do you choose a trustworthy AI art generator that is excellent at what it does?

Both Bing Image Creator and Dall-E 2 are popular, don't require any special application or software, and are equally easy to use.

For Bing Chat, uses OpenAI's GPT-4, currently the leading language model. In addition, Microsoft's Image Creator uses OpenAI's Dall-E 2 AI system. But because Bing Image Creator and Dall-E 2 have different features and benefits, it's important to distinguish between them.

Choose Bing Image Creator…if you strive for reality.

Both Bing and Dall-E 2 can create graphics in a variety of formats, including paintings, 3D renderings, photos, cartoons, and more. However, Bing Image Creator excels at creating realistic photos. Bing is my first choice when trying to create an image that resembles a photograph.

Bing Image Creator vs DALL-E 2

Bing Image Creator, powered by OpenAI's Dall-E technology, uses a refined version of the model used in Dall-E 2. As a result, Bing's images are closer to reality. In particular, the example shows Bing's amazing ability to add realistic features to photos, such as the dog's fur coat and the fabric of the cushion. The images on the left are so lifelike that they could easily pass for real dog photos.

… if you need mobile imaging

When interacting with the new Bing, you can ask the AI chatbot to create an image that matches any description you provide without leaving the chat window or opening a new program. However, unlike Bing, you cannot ask ChatGPT to create images during a chat.

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You can easily tell the chatbot to create photos for you while you're on the go using the Bing mobile app, which is easily accessible from your smartphone. In addition, the Microsoft Edge sidebar provides easy access to Bing Image Creator in a convenient location.

… if you have a Microsoft account

A Microsoft account is required to use Bing Image Creator and can be easily created with almost any email address. Unlike Bing Chat, Microsoft Edge is not required for Bing Image Creator to work.

Choose Dall-E 2 … if you prefer more detailed images

Although Dall-E 2 routinely produces more literal images that closely match the words of the prompt, Bing Image Creator consistently produces higher quality photos. I recommend using Dall-E 2 for prompt tasks if you are having trouble getting the images you want from your prompts. Sometimes even a single incorrect adjective can have a profound effect on the final image.

…if you're already using ChatGPT

You can use Dall-E 2 by going to Access to Dall-E 2 requires an OpenAI account, which can be obtained by signing up. If you are already using ChatGPT, you can start using Dall-E 2 immediately and save time.

Bing Image Creator vs DALL-E 2

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Here is my description of a photo I wished Bing Image Generator creates:
A little kid 2-3 years old is playing with a dog that looks like more a monkey than a dog. The girl is trying to feed the dog, but the latter looks at the moon, though it's a day.

And this is what I got:
Bing Image Generator

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