Realme announces smartphone with quad camera, 64MP sensor

At Realme‘s launch event earlier today, the company announced a new upcoming device with four cameras on the rear. This device will go directly head-to-head with Xiaomi’s upcoming Redmi device with a 64MP rear camera. This one’s also different from the Realme device with a 48MP camera we had heard about from before, which means there’s a whole new slew of possible specs here.

The biggest selling point of this new device is still going to be the camera setup it has going on. One of these sensors is the currently hot 64MP ISOCELL GW1 sensor by Samsung, while the other three cameras consist of a super wide angle camera, macro as well a depth sensor. No info regarding the front camera, but that’s not really all that important.

Realme India CEO Madhav Sheth confirmed that the company would be launching three smartphone cameras before Diwali this year. These three new smartphones would be launched under the Realme, Realme Pro and Realme X series. Sheth also took a dig at Xiaomi and said that Realme is offering the world’s first hands-on experience rather than showing a slide presentation.

Of course, this hands-on experience comes with one big caveat, that being that it came under heavy wraps to basically disguise the device’s design and look. Despite that, we still get a fairly good look at the device’s camera capabilities as well as the phone’s model, that being RMX1921. This is interesting, as it could indicate that this is a new version of the Realme X.

Officially however, Realme has yet to announce anything else about the new device. We’re not sure if we’ll see this new device launch at Realme’s upcoming August 20th event, though it’s highly likely it will. There are three devices set for launch on that day, and it’s highly likely at least one of those will be this brand new device.

Whatever Realme has in store for us, we’re really eager to see it. The company has a stellar reputation of making some excellent mid-range devices, and so far they’ve yet to disappoint. It’s also great to see some true competition going on in the mid-range market, considering how it’s been getting somewhat stale in the past few years.

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