Realme CMO Announces Realme 9 Series, More Details Coming on September 9

Realme has finally announced that it is indeed developing the Realme 9 series, the successor to the Realme 8 series, which, at the time of writing consists of the Realme 8, Realme 8 Pro and Realme 8 5G.

The CMO of Realme, Francis Wong has announced that the company will like to share details in relation to the Realme 9 series during the upcoming Realme launch event set for September 9.

It is going to be quite a noteworthy event since it will also debut products such as the Realme 8i, Realme 8s and Realme Pad in the country.

What Will the Realme 9 Series Do Differently?

As of now, there are no details on offer in relation to the Realme 9 series, but, going by the company’s past, we can assume that the Realme 9 series will include the Realme 9 and Realme 9 Pro, along with certain additional models such as the successor to the upcoming Realme 8s and Realme 8i.

The launch of the Realme 9 should be interesting, since the Realme 8 offers major improvements over its predecessor, such as an AMOLED display on the vanilla variant and a 108MP snapper for the Realme 8 Pro, while retailing for under Rs 20,000. The Pro model also comes with 50W fast charging, a feature limited to flagships.

It will be interesting to see if the Realme 9 series can revolutionise the budget segment by offering devices for a never before seen price and competitive specifications.

Will Realme Reveal the Realme 9 on September 9?

Realme will launch its Realme 8s 5G, a device set to push the boundaries of handsets in India, as it will be the first to run MediaTek’s Density 810 SoC in the country.

The phone could also offer a high refresh rate panel. The Realme 8i on the other hand will likely offer certain specifications never before seen on budget handsets, with one rumour suggesting a 120Hz refresh rate panel.

The company will likely launch the Realme 9 series in Q4 of 2021, which falls around October-December of 2021, going by previous launches, but, there could be a shift in the launch cycle.

Apart from this, Realme is also set to launch the Realme Pad, a mid-range tablet with a sleek iPad-like design, at least as per rumours and certain specifications that will rejuvenate the tablet space, currently led by and products which are far from competitive. It will use a supposed 10.4-inch display, with stylus support and a MediaTek chip.

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