Realme launches 10000mAh fast charge power bank for ¥99 (~$14)

Realme launched the Realme Q smartphone in China yesterday which is actually just a rebranded Realme 5 Pro. But the smartphone wasn’t the only product it announced. Realme also launched its very first power bank at the event.

Realme Fast Charge Power Bank

Called the Realme Fast Charge Power Bank, it has a design that reminds one of the Nokia N8. It comes in three colors – a bright yellow, an equally flash red, and the classic gray. All three have the manufacturer’s name written in a large black font.

The Realme Fast Charge Power Bank has two ports – a USB Type-C port and a full-sized USB A port. The Type-C port doubles as an input and output port. Both ports support 18W fast charging which means you can also charge the power bank with an 18W fast charger. Realme adds that it will charge the iPhone XS Max from empty to full in 56 minutes. There is a power button on the far right as well as four LEDs to serve as battery level indicators.

Realme Fast Charge Power Bank duration

The power bank has a 10000mAh lithium battery which Realme claims will charge the Realme Q 1.73 times, the Realme X 1.86 times, and the iPhone XS 2.3 times.  Realme even adds that it can even charge some laptops and also low-power devices like wearables. The power bank has 12 different protections built-in.

The Realme Fast Charge Power Bank is priced at ¥99 (~$14) and will go on sale on September 12 on the official Realme online store.

Realme Q Iconic Cases

Realme also announced the Realme Buds 2 in China for ¥49 (~$6.89) and a set of Realme Q iconic cases in yellow and gray priced at ¥39 (~$5.48) per piece. Both are available for pre-order.

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