Realme Pad Vs Realme Tab – a Realme tablet is on its way

Since the advent of the coronavirus pandemic, there has been a rise in the tablet market. Before now, the tablet market is so unattractive that even popular manufacturers were pulling out. While many officially pulled out, some others quietly pulled out. However, the likes of Apple, Samsung, and stayed put. Now, with the increase in the demand for large display devices, many companies are coming back. Just recently, Huawei released two tablets and it has many more in development. is working on a tablet that is yet to hit the market. According to the latest report, Realme will also release its first tablet and it will call it Realme Pad.

Realme Pad

According to the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Realme India and Europe, Realme is thinking about a tablet. In his recent tweet, he asked netizens “Realme Pad, how about this name”? This suggests that the company will soon release its first-ever tablet. 

In a recent poll, Realme’s CMO asked if netizens will prefer “Realme Pad” or “Realme Tab”. As of the time of this report, the poll was only 7 minutes old with 177 votes. The name “Realme Tab” is ahead with 54.8% vote.

Also, Realme released a questionnaire on laptop preferences in overseas communities last month. This also suggests that the company may be working on a laptop too.  However, Realme is ’s global sub-brand. This means that most of Realme’s products are not for the Chinese market. Thus, there is no guarantee that the Realme Pad will be available in China. 

This is probably a good decision because, despite the high demand for tablets, the competition in China is intense. The likes of Lenovo, Apple, Samsung, and are doing quite well in the Chinese market. The Chinese tablet market is not an environment for a newbie. If Realme Pad eventually makes it outside China, it will probably bring its tablets to the Chinese market with the branding.

At present, major manufacturers have released new products in the first half of the year. Among them, there are many products with unique highlights such as Lenovo YOGA Pad Pro and MatePad Pro. Mi Pad 5 is still “still holding the pipa half-hidden”, and there is no warm-up news.

We don’t know how Realme will break through the tide of tablets, whether it is cost-effective, or ecology. However, as a newbie in the tablet market, Realme will have a lot of work to do. The company needs to access what the customers need in its target market. Despite the fact that tablets do not have great cameras generally, some markets prefer tablets with good cameras. These are the kind of information Realme need to get. 

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